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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 28, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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agency is dealing with this morning. >> well, it wasn't what the caps wanted to start round two with the loss at home to the penguins. postgame reaction coming up later on. the latest from the nfl draft and the skins look like they got a steal last night. >> live look outside. it is friday morning everybody. we made it through the week. it's friday april 28th. weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 6:05. good morning, i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. first up at 6:00 we'll track metro this morning. more issues could be in store for riders this morning. yesterday it was problems on the red line. today could be a lack of workers. >> fox5's annie yu is live from metro center now with the pllatest this morning. could be a big day annie. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison and steve. yeah, there's a lot of uncertainty in the air this morning. we'll have to see how this plays out. all week long we have been reporting about the possibility of a.m. sickout happening today and that is because metro's management says that earlier in the week they received more than 500 absence requests from both
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and rail employees. metro says they have denied all of those requests, so they expect to offer normal schedule today so that's the good news for the riders. but it was a bit of a mess here yesterday on metro center. old equipment was sort of the issue to blame for the delays and the issues here but things are back to normal. i want to show you some video from yesterday as things got tense right after this incident at metro center there was a board meeting. metro and its largest workers union they're currently locked in a very contentious contract dispute then protested yesterday according to this board meeting. workers wants their voices heard. they are upset about the hard line approach by management. they're criticizing this new absenteeism policy which requires workers to file absence requests three days in advance and metro says, look, this is necessary. we need to crack down on excessive absenteeism going on and increase the productivity but during the protest workers dropped protest position right in front of gm paul wiedefeld as they turned their backs they chanted the words who moves t
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move this city. once they got outside of headquarters they joined hands to form a human chain around metro headquarters. and we do know later this morning that the union plans to get together. they are calling for a change to the policy. that happening at 10:30 this morning. but again, the union has repeatedly denied that a sickout will be happening or that they, you know, were just adhering to wmata's own policy by putting in those requests. meanwhile gm paul wiedefeld not taking any chances. he says i have planned ahead for this t i've asked supervisors to step up today in case there are any issues so we'll wait and see what happens, how this unfolds throughout the morning. back to you in the studio. >> all right, annie thank you very much. 6:02 right now. happening today in the district several people will be arraigned on felony charges in connection to those riots on inauguration day. more than 200 people in total face felony charges for insight ago riot. participating in it and destruction of property. and two of those defendants face an additional count of destruction of property
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limousine. >> ♪ >> president trump trying to wrap up the end of his first 100 days in office with last minute wins one of those avoiding a government shut down. congress expected to pass a short term spending bill today hours ahead of the midnight deadline that would good lawmakers an extra week to work out a butch that would last through september. today the president travels to atlanta. it will be the first time a president has addressed that group since president ronald reagan back in 1983. the secret service by the way has banned guns from today's nra event. >> president donald trump also taking on intentional issues -- international issues.& our holly morris joins us now live with what he's now saying about north korea holly. >> reporter: good morning. in a new interview with reuters president trump is warning about the possibility of a major conflict with north korea. trump steps up his rhetoric against north korea amid concerns over its nuclear program. >> well, there's a -- there's a -- there's a
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could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson, though, is taking a more subtle but still aggressive approach to pyongyang as he tries to get the chinese to work with the u.s. >> see talks about confidential influence with china. that really informs that the chinese do not want to be seen as bowing to president trump but are actively working it out. >> reporter: republicans may now have an obama repeal plan the whole party can agree on after the failed attempt last month. the freedom caucus is now on board. >> what did the american people elect us to do? they elected us to get rid of obamacare. >> reporter: analysts say republicans learned from their mistakes and the aren't forcing a vote this time. >> let's give the administration and the republican leadership credit for really trying hard and not walking away from the table as the president first threatened to. i think it's incredible that they brought around a bunch of
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freedom caucus. >> reporter: this comes as the president's first 100 days in officers comes to a close this weekend. >> americans do call judgment as the ability of that person that's holding that office to achieve the things. >> reporter: and president trump will mark his 100 days in office with a rally tomorrow night in harrisburg, pennsylvania. taking a closer look at the hundred days this morning. coming up at 7:00 bob barnard is going to head back out to the same diner in culpeper virginia that he was on the morning after the election. how do the trump supporters there grade the first 100 days. we'll goal to the hill, local members of congress from both sides of the aisle will join us at 7:30. >> looking forward to all of that holly. thanks. hi tuck. >> hey, looking forward to your weekend weather. >> looking forward today and 80 plus degrees. >> how about 84 today, near 90 tomorrow. >> awesome. >> okay. >> okay. >>
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>> not impressed. >> let's do the forecast. 66 mild degrees at reagan national, dulles 60 and up in baltimore 63 degrees. our front if we can call it that has come on through and we've cleared out in the last couple hours and we should be in for plenty of sunshine today. nice looking today. a little humid. i noticed a touch of humidity yesterday when i was out and about. >> i did too. >> and temperatures in the 80's a little later this afternoon. we're fairly quiet out to our west so we will be certainly on the warm side again today. if you're working outside, sunscreen. time to start putting it on as the sun angle getting higher in the sky there. 83, dry this afternoon. no problems. want to hit happy hour? i'll give a round of suggested drinks later in the show. >> okay. >> is that right. >> yeah. >> okay. >> so i do more than just weather. >> got to stay tuned. thanks, tuck. [laughter] >> awesome. >> happy to help. >> professor barns. >> real renaissance man. >> exactly. >> man of many talents
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sommelier. >> didn't know he was so fancy. taking metro no reported delays owner safe track impacting the green line. ongoing work there. no yellow rush plus. use the blue or yellow line as alternates. all other metro rail lines and buses on time. i'll let you know if in changes. crash block the right lane at 109. because of that we're dealing with about a 15 minute delay coming down from frederick. allow for some extra time but once you pass 109 things open up into montgomery county. out in bowie hearing from chart 197 both directions at powder mill road that is dealing with some debris in the road so please use caution there. it is just east of baltimore-washington parkway. we'll keep you posted on that. we just got word from my producer that it is in fact closed in both direction from that debris. skyfox head there. avoid 197. that's just east of bw par parkway. we are looking good again once you pass 109 you're in the clear
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still just a five minute trip on the outer loop. i have you covered if anything else picks up. 66 still quiet. allison and steve. >> latest execution in arkansas. why the death row inmate's attorney calling for an investigation. >> teachers blowing off steam by swinging a baseball bat at a chair. it's called a smash space and it's under investigation at one local school. so, what do parents think about it? we're back in just 30 seconds. at dominion, we're putting our energy to work creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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>> it. >> developing overnight in arizona an american airlines flight had to make an emergency landing in phoenix because of a bomb threat. after the plane touched down officials confirmed the threat was not credible. the jet though stayed on the tarmac for 45 minutes while authorities removed two people from that plane. >> arkansas has executed its fourth inmate in eight days. 38-year-old kenneth williams pronounced dead 13 minutes after the execution began. witnesses say williams' body jerked and convulsed 20 times before he died. his attorney is calling for an investigation into this. williams was serving a life sentence for the murder of a cheerleader back in 1998. and he was put on death row when he escaped a year later and killed a former warden at the prison. arkansas had that scheduled eight executions this month before one of its lethal injection drugs expires at the end of the month on sunday. courts issued stays for four of the inmates. >> in
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police identified the plan who killed a state trooper at a convenience store. they say 26-year-old burgon seally jr. killed corporal stephen ballard who was investigating a suspicious vehicle. seally then fled the scene and after a 20 hour standoff with police came out of a house armed and engaging officers. that suspect was shot and killed. corporal ballard is originally from prince george's county and he leaves behind a wife and a five-year-old stepdaughter. >> just hours ago pope francis took a you have for a two day trip top egypt holding a mass in a stadium near cairo this weekend. attacks killed more than 40 people. >> closer to home montgomery county an elementary school principal apologizing for a controversial way she let her staff let off steam. >> the issue stems from a so-called smash space. it's a trend popular on social media in which people smash various items to relieve stress. melanie alnwick is live outside of kensington
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elementary where that smash space took place. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. yeah, obviously some people were disturbed by this. that's how it came to the attention of local media, but a lot of people we talked to say they really don't see what the big deal is. so, back on march eighth there was a rocking chair at the school that was broken beyond repair they say and so the principal brought it over here to a loading dock and trash disposal area and told people they could basically take a swing at it. it was a way from the school and out of the sight of students but after someone posted about it on list serve that's when the controversy began. in an apologetic letter top parents the principal explained they got the idea after reading business articles about companies providing smash rooms as a way for employees to release stress. the trend has been popularized on social media. looking at these youtube videos you can see how it might be distressing to imagine teachers with suppressed anger acting out in a way like this. these are som
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rooms or so-called smash rooms on youtube, but parents we talked to said it was nothing like this and that the whole thing has been overblown. >> i think that some people have been a little too sensitive to the thing, that the fact of the matter is that our kids come down there to an amazing principal, to an amazing staff who care and love for them every day and no one has ever been worried to send their kids here. >> reporter: now, principal barbara liess admitted this probably wasn't the most well thought out idea saying there was a lapse in judgment, she recognizes the concerns, that the staff is committed to modeling for students and one another appropriate and productive ways for that handling staff. she recognizes it is downed what we teach students has noplace in a school. i'm told just one person took advantage of that stress room or smash room basically taking a baseball bat at the rocking chair.
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public schools said they are investigating the matter. they do take incidents like this seriously and also wanted to let people know that the school system does have many programs to allow teachers and staff to find ways to deal productively with their stress. live in kensington, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> melanie thank you. united airlines not wasting any time reaching a settlement with that passenger who was violently dragged off of a flight. >> let's head outside right now take a live look out on this friday morning. going to be a little bit warmer today. 66 degrees already at 6:13. check in with tucker barnes. erin has got your commute too for your friday. it's all coming up right after the break. >> ♪
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>> still lingering cloud cover. here's our frontal system that came through. weak front. still some cloud cover, a little bit of haze out there this morning. we got to get these clouds east of us. then we should turn sunny and bright. it's going to be warm and humid this afternoon with daytime highs expected to be in the 80's. here's the bigger picture. we'll be quiet the next couple days. in fact, by tomorrow, our daytime highs should be very close to tha
6:17 am
so we'll be in for a couple very summery days around here. here's high pressure building in. there's our front coming through and once again we'll be well into the 80's today. warm conditions for your friday. nice afternoon if you're going to be out and about a little later this afternoon. futurecast let's see what we can find together. we're find something cloud cover. this is overnight tonight into early saturday morning. not concerned that we're going to get any rain this afternoon and the there might be a pop-up storm tomorrow although futurecast doesn't love it so we'll just keep that in mind as we get into tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening there could be a pop-up storm sunday too with cooler temperatures and the we really keep it pretty warm around here for the next five days. little cooler by the middle of next week. near 90 hot and humid tomorrow. >> oh, yeah. >> uh-huh. >> going to spend the day outdoors or are you going to be one of those guys inside with your ac on. >> number two. [laughter] >> 6:17. skyfox is out in laurel bowie
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area. excuse me. 197 laurel bowie road is closed between powder mill road and bw parkway in both directions. we're dealing with some utility repair. there were some downed wires out there. you can see crews are working. again, avoid that area. this is just east of baltimore-washington parkway. again, on 197 between bw parkway and powder mill road. we'll keep you updated when that clears. avoid that route for now. we'll switch from skyfox to a look at our maps. you can see southbound bw parkway congestion picking up northbound side a little bit heavier as well. on 270 good news for you an earlier crash cleared at 109. right now it's just a 15 minute delay from 70 into hyattstown and that's just because of congestion. you open up in gaithersburg and rockville this morning. if you're taking the rails i know we talked about a potential metro sickout today. just want to keep you updated every report that all other metro rail lines and buses on time. i have you covered if and when that changes on twitter at erin fox5 d.c. but we'll let you know about those metro potential changes. steve and allis
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we're talking about arbor day. trees will be planted along east capitol street. about 70 trees in all will be planted starting at 9:00 this morning and ddot maintains more than 200,000 trees throughout the city. >> well, wait until you see what reebok is out with just days after nordstrom's muddy jeans go viral. >> can't wait for that. plus a steal for the skins he's a hometown guy, too. the morning line coming up at 6:30. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> welcome back. 6:21. it is time for our business beat. united airlines didn't waste any time reaching a set. with that passenger who was dragged off of a flight. first though a check of the markets. joining us from los angeles, hillary vaughn this morning. good morning, hillary. how are you? >> reporter: hey, good morning, allison. >> market is looking pretty good. >> reporter: dow gained six points yesterday closing
6:22 am
20,981. the nasdaq up 23 closing at 6,048 and the s & p 500 up one, closing at 2388. >> all smiles as the bell rings later this morning. let's talk about united airlines. it seems to me they're really acting swiftly here. they released like 10 bullet points of how they're working for us all of the passengers and then news of a settlement for that passenger now infamously dragged off that of flight. >> reporter: right. they finally reached a settlement. dr. dao, the passenger that was dragged off and his lawyers announced a deal. they don't know how much cash he got out of it but we do know is there's something in it for the rest of us when we fly united they no longer ask law enforcement to remove passengers off of flights and now they have boost up to $10,000. they'll cut you a check for $1,500 for lost bags
6:23 am
also say they're going to have a new app for flight attendants that did give you on the spot perks or what they're calling goodwill gestures. if you don't have the greatest experience, some of those perks will be in miles or in travel credits and other amenities maybe some in flight beverages for those who maybe didn't have the best time while on board. >> right. you know what, i hope that it does as it normally does when 93 lower or raise prices, sort of the other airlines do the same thing. maybe this will become standard operating procedure. we'll see about that. in news of the absurd we talked about these muddy jeans out of nordstrom for like 400 some bucks. now reebok is out with something kind of sweaty as well. >> reporter: yeah, if you didn't follow through on your new year's resolution to work out more no sweat because reebok has a sweatshirt for you, in the a shirt with sweat marks graphically designed into the t-shirt and they're selling it for $425. now, it says it's sold out online. so, a lot of peopl
6:24 am
they're just trying to kind of troll nordstrom get people talking because it's listed for the same price that those fake muddy jeans were listed for. they also said they released a video of their employees working out and sweating in the shirts saying that this was brought to you by their employees who know thousand break a sweat while they're on the job. so, a lot of people laughing at this one and if you want to get your hands on one it's sold out online so you can't. but i mean, again, 425 bucks for a shirt that looks sweaty, i don't know. would you buy one. >> what are the odds that this is a joke? >> reporter: i would say pretty high. i think the price .425 dollars gives us pretty good indication that this is all a part of just, you know, good pr to go viral. that's the name of the game now. >> that's true. we are talking about it. let's talk about chocolate little bit. i think this is kind of cool. hershey's is paying homage to the state. so far they're out with like, what, six or seven state inspired candy bars.
6:25 am
>> reporter: yes. seven different flavors, a lot of them, man, sound delicious. hershey's cheesecake flavored bar that's the taste of new york themed bar. they have a taste of hawaii hershey's kisses that are coconut almond flavored. taste of california kit cat strawberry flavored candy and this one i don't know taste of texas is a payday that's barbecue flavored. >> that's the only one that i'm like hm. >> reporter: yeah, the georgia one is peanut butter cups but they're roasted honey flavored peanuts and then taste of florida has two flavors, lucky them, they're both twizzlers one is key lime pie flavored and one is orange cream pop flavored so i mean go to whatever -- wherever you get your candy, they'll be there, seven different tastes around the united states. >> i think it's kind of cool. all right, waiting on virginia or maryland so anyway, hillary thanks so much. have a good weekend. >> reporter: thank you. you, too. >> okay. >> if reebok is not selling
6:26 am
those shirts i think it's pretty funny. if they're trying to sell them that's a problem. >> maybe they made them as a joke. >> they made it for the marketing campaign. >> and they got on the news. >> exactly. it's great marketing. >> i think hershey should make something bitter for d.c. t i feel bitter after losing last night. >> sour. >> the almost there ball. >> something sour. >> oh, sour. >> let's think about what virginia would be or maryland. we don't want no old bay hershey's though. >> you know that's what they would do. >> virginia would need something for lover. >> that's true. >> 66 degrees. producer is clearly not happy with us. winds west northwest at five. our weak front has come through. sunny and a little humid today. daytime highs top out in the mid 80's. still looking at that 90-degree temperature of tomorrow. that will be our first of 2017. little cooler on sunday with maybe a thunderstorm sunday afternoon but most of the
6:27 am
but humid. >> all right. virginia is a big wine& country. they could do a wine chocolate mix. >> uh-huh. >> erin. >> good morning. right now we're tracking problems in the laurel area. laurel bowie road closed in both directions between powder mill road and bw parkway. utility krause out there because of some downed wires so steer clear of that. we're seeing normal volume on bw parkway right now. as we switch from skyfox to a look at our maps you can see that north and southbound side just picking up two and from powder mill road but again it's 197 that is closed. you'll have to detour around that. 270 southbound this crash cleared at 109 but we're still seeing just about a 10 minute delay left from that 70 down to 109 because of volume. once you get past father hurley boulevard traffic is pretty quiet. safe track still the only slow down impacting metro right now that's impacting the green line. we'll let you know if any other metro delays pick up. we'll be right back. keep it to fox5 news morning. >> ♪
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visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ >> ♪ >> we are back now at 6:30. yes, you're looking at there on that road is a view from skyfox first of all. we're in laurel. 197 closed between bw parkway and powder mill road in both directions. you can see it's at a standstill right there. erin will be along shortly along with tucker on the 5s with weather and traffic help you get around that spot. welcome back to fox5 news morning. route 301 and village drive in upper marlboro back opened after a fatal
6:31 am
maryland state police investigate wag caused that crash. it happened overnight. police say the driver crossed over lanes and wrecked their car. no one else was involved. no one else was hurt in this one. a 14-year-old girl is recovering after being stabbed at a bus stop in that silver spring. this happened near eastern middle school. police say the suspect a 14-year-old boy, fled the scene but was later arrested. he's being charged as a juvenile with first degree assault. will there be a sickout by metro workers today? that's what we're monitoring after a week of back and forth claims by the union and metro management. union leaders claim their workers are being asked to give metro 72 hours advance notice of calling out sick. now, metro says that's just not true. the union does plan a protest and news conference for this morning at 11:00 a.m. happening today in the district, some great news. mayor muriel bowser will host the city's annual d.c. college signing day. that event honors more than 1500 college bound high school seniors. it was inspired by
6:32 am
first lady michelle obama's reach higher initiative which inspires students to go to college. this morning firefighters& in maryland still investigating what caused a massive fire at an apartment complex in college park. right now preliminary cause of that fire is that it's accidental. however, officials are still trying to figure out the cause and the origin of the fire. it broke out on monday morning along berwyn house road. fire crews were back on the scene yesterday. they were watching for potential flareups. steve over to you. >> all right. can't put it off any longer. lets get to it the morning line as we check sports. as tucker said earlier game two between the caps and penguins goes to pittsburgh. it was a good game but the penguins won. no score heading into the second period 12 seconds in sydney crosby scored. that looks like alex ovechkin. but anyway, crosby had two goals within a minute in the se
6:33 am
ovechkin scored late in the period past andre mark fleury. wide opened net ties the game. pens get the winner right there bonino gets the net. pens win three-two. >> i don't think -- i don't think we're frustrated. i think we realize we played an early strong game. i know i need to be better and work to -- if we're going to have success and that's basically the bottom line. we played strong. if we continue to play that way we'll have success. >> we have to dictate the game. first minute of the game we have to make a statement and we have to make. >> alex ovechkin nails it. the caps have and to dictate the game. another one goal game. by the wait no power play opportunities for the caps. game two saturday at verizon center. first round of the nfl draft in the books last night if you weren't watching hockey maybe you were watchg
6:34 am
at number 17 they picked up alabama defensive lineman jonathan allen. allen played high school football at stone glitch ashburn. he was a redskins fan. >> love it. >> i mean, he was playing high school football right near where the redskins play their big time football. a lot of people had him in the top 10. some even in the top five. works out well for the skins looking for a replacement for the departd the ricky jean france. from an outdoor theater built on the famous rocky steps. washington has anyone more picks over the next two days. barring any trades they'll pick two more players today in rounds two and three. the rest on saturday in rounds four through seven. no surprise. they selected miles garrett of texas a & m first overall. also picked up two more first round players. browns did not pick up a qute
6:35 am
were rampant last night on social media they would pick up kirk cousins. didn't happen. fact the browns didn't pick up a quarterback at all. inspiration utah offensive tackle garrett bowls overcame a troubled past drafted by the denver broncos and he took to the stage carrying this little guy. >> my goodness. >> bowls childhood included drug use arrests and jail time but credits his lacrosse coach for steering him. best to you. he gets to stay close to home. his grandmother raised him in a crime ridden neighborhood in california. before she died he promised he would be one of the few to "make it out." congratulations young man you d he said he would go a division one school you d and then he said he would follow his dreams to the nfl and guess what you are. well done. >> cannot even look at that. >> isn't that great. >> but i like it. >> so
6:36 am
personal stories of these guys and you see them in the uniform and you say hey, he's a football player. >> that's right. >> when you see the people that they are. >> right. >> what 93 go through just like everybody else puts a different face on it. >> how about that little baby. >> so cute. >> so cute. >> roger goodell give out hugs to the later rounds or just the first round. >> i think he typically announces the first round and then they have on the people announce the other rounds. >> his back must hurt after that. getting some super bear hugs, right. >> i would be pretty excited if i got drafted first ground. >> future of his league so i think it's worth it. >> that's great. i love that. >> all right. meanwhile we'll see if we can't right the caps ship. >> yeah. >> as soon as things go sideways a little bit i just go right to despair. >> well, you know better. >> right. i need -- >> you were worried in the first round, too. >> 66 now in washington. hey, we'll be in the mid 80's later today. even a little humid out there. plenty of sunshine. nice quiet afternoon. beautiful weather if you're into the
6:37 am
and we'll be near 90 tomorrow so next couple days nice and warm and i think with that many humidity out there you'll really feel it. just a few clouds early. had a little front come through overnight and we're getting that east of us. morning meme coming up. we've got kittens and dogs. >> just as erin requested. >> yay! all is good in the world. it's friday and it's the morning memes dedicated to our furry friends. right now 197 laurel bowie road in laurel closed between powder mill road and bw parkway. we have utility repair work going on. beautiful view of the trees there but avoid that road. could get some delays leading to and from baltimore-washington parkway because of that. we'll look at our maps. aside from that closure and the delays on bw parkway 270 southbound officially jammed from 70 into clarksburg with about a 30 minute delay. once you pass through clarksburg things open up into montgomery county. taking a look at our drive times a few slow zones 295 southbound eastern avenue to pennsylvania avenue will take you 12 minutes putting us in the
6:38 am
syped inbound slow from alabama towards south capitol street. outer loop 95 to georgia avenue should take you five minutes. right now it's about a seven minute delay so not terrible then 270 really quiet and clear from 109 once you get out of that delay down to the beltway. aside from that safe track still the only thing slowing down metro right now on the green line. also the yellow line impacted as well with no yellow rush plus. use blue or yellow as alternates. metrobus on time. i'll let you know if in changes. we got you covered here on fox5 news morning. we'll be right back. we're looking for something that's comfortable but yet durable, and that's going to last us a really long time. i don't want to buy new furniture every couple of years. it's custom made so you know it's good quality. i'm just speechless because it's perfect.
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>> ♪ >> 6:40. let's check what's trending on the web this friday morning. university of michigan's football team took a bit afield trip all the way to the vatican on wednesday t coach jim harbaugh gave pope francis a pair of jordans and a michigan football helmet. on the helmet there was a yellow sticker with the number 266 because the pope is the 266th pope. what would you do if you found money on the ground? would you keep it? would you try to find the owner? well, check out what the two little boys did after they found some money on the ground. >> would you want to keep it or would you want to do,, do you want to do the right thing to do or keep it? >> do the right thing to do. >> are these yours? >> yes, they are. thank you. >> those little boys gave us a lesson on
6:42 am
thing. they went over to the neighbor's house to return the money and she thanked them and the boys went on their merry way knowing they did the right thing. do you know how much money they found a that got them to do the right thing. >> how much steve. >> 25 cents. >> oh, my god. are you trying to break me down and make me cry today. >> they found a quarter. >> i love the discussion that they had, the rationale. >> amongst each other. are we doing the right thing are we got? good wins out. >> okay. >> that's it for the sentimental stories. i cannot handle it today. it is move review friday. the circle starring emma watson hits theaters today. kevin has a lot to say about this movie. maybe not for the reason you think. that's coming up next. z2c56z zi0z
6:43 am
y2c56y yi0y
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> ♪ >> coming up on 6:45 right now. check in wither flynn a couple minutes get you your traffic updates. skyfox over the scene on 197 between powder mill road and the bw parkway. so, everything is kind of shut t more details from erin in a couple minutes but heads up if you're, you know, your drive takes you along laurel bow reroad. look at all the green out there. >> it's a scenic drive if you can make it but not right now. all righty. hello. >> hey, good morning. >> gearing up for the warmth. >> yeah, it's going to be very summery around here. we'll kick it off with its rivalry weekend down at nats park. >> okay. >> going down to the game it's going to feel very summery. i don't know if it's rivalry. aren't the nationals rolling. >> during the regular season,
6:46 am
>> did you make that graphic. >> i make all the graphics. >> why is it rivalry day. >> something the nats are doing. >> oh, the nats are perpetuating it. >> there's a lot of new yorkers that live in d.c. so the idea is to make sure that d.c. fills the ballpark. >> i'm supposed to show that at 9:30. i'm not going to show that now. >> okay. >> 80 degrees if you're going out there. few clouds, warm and humid if you're going to the game tonight but it should be nice and dry so that's great news. all right, that followed up by weather day which is next thursday. please come out and join us. tickets are specially priced and we give a presentation before the game which is at 1:05 there's my music. forward slash weather. we do a meet and greet after we do our presentation so please come out and have fun with us next thursday. 66 now in washington. nice mild start to your day. 56 in manassas. 64 in leonardtown. 61 in frederick. we are looking at a bright sunny warm and humid day.
6:47 am
the 80's today. 83, 84 for a daytime high and high pressure building in from the west here. so, our forecast although summer rewill be rather quiet for the next couple days. that's this morning's weak front that came through. really didn't cool us down a whole lot or it won't and we're just going to kind of stay warm and rather humid temperatures in the 80's around here later today. 90, 91 tomorrow. that will be our first 90 of 2017. then a little cooler with a thunderstorm on sunday, temps in the 80's and we just keep it plain old warm around here for a few more days. our average daytime high this time of year in the low 70's so we're well, well above that. uh-huh. april has been a very warm month. that's weather. we got the meme coming up. >> yay! i can't wait for the morning meme puppies and kit teas skyfox view of the trees. laurel bow woo he road closed between p
6:48 am
bw parkway very heavy volume in both directions around powder mill road o southbound side delays go back to 32. keep it to 95 northbound and southbound to and from the capital beltway to the baltimore beltway. as we take a wider view you can see that big delay. inner loop dealing with a crash at baltimore-washington parkway. that's not helping the situation and then the outer loop only about a seven minute delay. 95 over to georgia avenue. 270 southbound we're dealing with a.m. 30 minute delay holding strong from 70 to clarksburg. and then as we make our way out 66 eastbound really pleasant ride only about a 20 minute delay from 234 through centreville and then things pretty much open up to the beltway. metro is on time except for safe track. i'll let you know if that changes and now it's time for the time i've been waiting for all morning. >> you're back in your kids' chair. >> i know. >> aww. >> i'm talking about traffic and i don't know how to work the lever on this thing. >> i wonder who the really tall person is that sits in that one. >> there you go. >> you're bac
6:49 am
>> yay! i'm an adult. >> let's cue our graphic. >> ♪ >> it's time for the morning meme. >> ♪ >> somewhat cat and dog edition. >> somewhat. >> somewhat. >> you made some big promises tucker. >> all right, let's get to it. >> don't keep us waiting. >> awww. >> you can have the honors for this one thank you meredith for send, it in. >> don't hate me because i'm purfect. >> that kitty is pretty cute. >> steve this one is for you. thanks tailgate ted. >> referee's new uniforms for the penguins versus caps series. a lot of people not happy with the calls last night. >> uh-uh. >> thanks, ted. >> a little biased. >> hm. >> the next one is for me and -- >> aww. >> yes, we've all seen that face before . >> [laughter] >> i see you have a chicken sandwich. i'm also like chicken sandwiches. >> that is so cute. >> they do put on a s
6:50 am
they're begging. >> don't they. >> they sit so perfectly, look at you ears up. >> sometimes i give tucker that look when he has his candy bars. >> and he gives in, doesn't he. >> that is so cute. >> and it would,. >> i see you has a chicken sam mich. >> now i want chick flail. >> allisallison the last one isr you. [laughter] >> go ahead read it. >> the face you make when your husband says how good allison looks every morning. >> hey, a. [laughter] >> i love that so much. good morning kelly b and hubby. >> i love that maureen has become a meme. >> maureen's a meme. >> we love it. keep them coming #morning meme. thank you so much everybody for sending them in. we got a bunch yesterday. we'll try to keep it going. >> very cool. something to look forward to on monday morning. here's what you can look forward to in a few short hours on good day d.c. starting at 9 o'clock, should be great today. a real beauty we should say. why is that because this d.c.
6:51 am
u.s.a. miss maryland u.s.a. and miss virginia u.s.a. will be here before they head to los angeles. >> fans of sparta con out there. we have an epic preview of the big sparta con convention happening in southern maryland. >> special day for your dog cat bird or whatever your pet might be. if you're mike thomas and sid. >> this makes me sad. >> why. >> because yesterday brownie needed some special attention. i was so tired and i could not give him special attention. >> but you know what, though, pets know -- they understand the big picture that you're always there for them but if you are feeling any of that guilt we'll tell you how you can become a better pet parent a just for you. >> thank you. >> for everybody here's kevin mccarthy with today's fox pete. >> allison steve, good morning. >> i was in a movie theater about eight hours ago for a movie called "the circle." the
6:52 am
critics here in the washington, d.c. area. >> meaning you had to buy your own ticket. >> which is not a problem. i don't mind paying for a ticket but it is strange going to a movie 'cause there was no press screenings in d.c. and i will say this. some markets in the country, some critics did see it so i don't know how they chose which ones saw it. association the movie is called "the circle." it's very bad and we'll get to why. this is a film -- here the thing. it's a great concept. >> but it has tom hanks in it. >> let's walk through all the things that are positive about this movie before seeing the film. >> okay. >> great director and. >> that was it. >> no, no, great director. great cast. tom hanks miami watson john boyega karen gil lon and. >> how can we go wrong. >> continuing on, great writer. david edgars one of the best authors he wrote the book for this movie. >> okay. >> finally you have a great concept. here's the concept. it's the idea
6:53 am
she joins a tech company and she lands a dream job, emma watson's character and she finds out that all they're doing, all they want to do is make our lives have no privacy whatsoever. we overshare everything about our lives. >> this looks like a black mirror episode that i once watched. >> i was getting to that very shortly. >> yeah. >> so, that's the concept. are we sharing too much? social media. what's going on? is technology take over our lives to a point where it's going to harm us. black mirror's concept exactly. very poorly written the script is horrible and you can tell that there was some problems shooting this because i know that they shot parts of in it 2015. then there were some reshoots at times. you could just tell when you're watching the movie that some of the adr is not matching up. it just seemed like a very sloppy and put together film that just did not end well over ally. >> what does adr. >> when an actor goes into a
6:54 am
au audio because they need to fix a scene or fix a line. usually if you see -- >> it sounds like this and then we -- then back. >> the mouths are moving but they're not saying the same thing. yeah the movies have won five out of five. here's the thing. my wife lauren i'll give her credit for this because we were sitting in the theater we just recently started watching black mirror and she says kevin this is a bad episode of black mirror. plaque mirror is a masterpiece of a show. i don't know how many of you have seen it. >> i saw the one that was just like that one. >> there's a million of them. there's one in black mirror where bryce dallas howard is passing her life on likes. it's the exact same concept but if you want to watch this concept which does beg an interesting question are we oversharing our lives, is there any privacy left in our lives. the first episode of black mirror will blow your mind. it's on netflix if you want to see this concept stay home, save your money watch black mirror. >> why would they do such a sloppy movie though with all those big names. >> tom hanks produced the
6:55 am
movie too. if you want to he sao anything good this weekend "la-la land" is now on blue ray. great film. that's one of my favorite movies of last year and then my two favorite films of 2017 so far, "logan" and "get out" are both still playing in theaters. those are the two i recommend go see. also fate of the furious i also liked power rangers. skip "the circle" and watch black mirror. the first episode of black mirror in season one i believe it was from 2013 it's one of the most shocking things i've ever seen in my entire life. >> lots of shock. >> do you remember the first one. >> give me the title of it. >> the national anthem. >> yes. it was gross. >> yeah, yeah. >> we can't say anything else. >> black mirror watch it. it's awesome. it's on netflix. >> thanks kevin. >> all right tucker good morning. >> yes, sir. >> kevin why the .5. why not just the one. >> i liked bill paxon in it. it's his last
6:56 am
i thought tom hanks was good. i thought the concept was good. everything else was bad. >> that's the five. >> i think that emma watson wasn't the right fit for the role. >> and that "beauty and the beast." >> wasn't great in beauty and the the beast either. >> maybe you're on to something. >> kevin we're on to you. >> maybe she's not a great actress. i liked her in harry potter. >> we'll be in the low to mid 80's today with, yeah, even a little taste of humidity out there but plenty of sunshine and a nice try afternoon to look forward to. hot tomorrow, 91 degrees. could be a storm on sunday but look at that, we roll into sunday, monday whip temperatures in the 80's. very summary next couple days. cooler next week erin hi. >> big crash alert 95 southbound through quantico this is at 619. two left lanes blocked. really big slowdown from 234 in dumfries through 619 so as you make your way down through triangle please use caution there. we're seeing some big slowdowns. traffic moving at speeds under 15 miles per hour. we'll switch it over to skyfox. still
6:57 am
news out of laurel. laurel bowie road remains shut down between powder mill road and bw parkway for utility work. keep it to fox5. we'll have more news, weather and traffic on this friday morning. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now at 7 o'clock scary words from president trump as he marks his 99th day in
7:00 am
úthe united states could be headed for major conflict with north korea. this morning that country's leader is responding. >> and a local principal feeling the heat after she tells her teachers to let off a little steam. how? by taking a baseball bat and breaking furniture. it's called a smash space and it's getting mixed reaction. ahead in a live report. >> plus today is the day we have been waiting to see if metro workers will stage a mass sickout. now, this following a tense protest in front of management. will your morning commute be impacted? >> ♪ >> good friday morning. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. thanks for joining us this morning. it's 7 o'clock, it's friday april 28th. >> if you're just waking up this morning going to be a warm one out there. can you see the humidity in the air already? that's a live look outside. >> let's get a quick check on weather and traffic this morning. tucker and erin are standing by. tuck we can start with you. you can almost see the humidity. >> you'll feel it later today. warm and humid day for our friday an hot weekend. i'll have the details on the weather coming. erin how are the roads.


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